About Us

PTC Computer Technologies has been established in Phnom Penh since 1996. We started with a small business, but as a result of our dedication with loyalty, reliability, and affordable pricing, as well as customer service caring, excellent product ranges, and technical expert. We have grown so successfully that we are now well recognized as one of the biggest IT store in Cambodia. Our reputation, in the last seventeen years, has spread out not only in Cambodia. and has allowed us to be partner with most of well-known international IT brands to be authorized distributor and service provider in Cambodia.

In this case, it has allowed us to be able to store the biggest available computers hardware to supply the genuine products and warranty services to customers.

We have intended to use these knowledge and experience to challenge the technology limitation. Since we have gotten many experience to serve the good quality and reliable services, as a result we are the Authorized Distributor of 14 Brands such as TOSHIBA, DELL, HP, LENOVO, ACER, ASUS, NEC, SONY, RAZER, SAMSUNG, EPSON, PROLINK, TRANSCEND, LOGITECH, CONNECTLAND.

Moreover, we are the Authorized Reseller of others 6 Brands such as APPLE, INTEL, PANASONIC, AMP, MICROSOFT, and ORACLE.

We are always ahead in good quality and service.


PTC Computer Technologies has subjects to:

- Leading technology in Cambodia

- Highest quality

- Best-in-class service and support

- Flexible customization capability

- Competitive pricing

- To expand knowledge in IT field


"To harness our passion for information of technology in order to take on, and overcome the technical challenges to the futureR20;. We are going to do this by: appraising ourselves, our service caring continuously, and improving where necessary, working with honesty, respect, dedication and integrity, delivering quality results to our customers, business partners and shareholders.

Dedicate Resource

Due to our great vision on market growth in term of technologies in Cambodia which developing country, we decided to run that kind of business without good arrangements to accomplish our goal. Therefore, we have some effective factor resources which can help us such as:
- We have enough capital to run business from small to medium business (Mainly factor to success our business).
- We have knowledgeable employees such as: seller, experience IT group, set up a group of customer care, marketing group for selling and market researches, and others departments...
- We decorate an attractive showroom.
- We arrange our marketing advertisement on effective media to achieve our target.
- And the other most important is a good relationship with foreign partners. That is why we have gotten the rights to be a partner, distributor, and master dealer for some well-known brand like: TOSHIBA, DELL, HP, SAMSUNG, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Epson, NEC, Apple, RAZER, PROLINK, Transcend, Panasonic and others.
According our vision and experiences, we are still the leading company in our country. And we are very proud of our great achievement.

Our Certificates Achieved