About Us

PTC Computer Co. Ltd was established in Phnom Penh since 1996. We started with a small business, but as a result of our; dedication, loyalty, reliability, affordable prices, excellent customer services, excellent range of products and technical expertise, we have grown remarkably successful that we are now well recognised as one of the biggest IT store in Cambodia. Our reputation, in the last two decades, has gone far and beyond which has led us to expand as the largest IT company to supply genuine products and warranty services to customers. PTC Computer is privileged and honoured to be partners with well-known international IT brands as authorised distributor and service provider in Cambodia. As a result, we are the Authorized Distributor of over fifty-teen brands.

Authorized Distributor

Authorized Reseller


PTC Computer Technologies has always been able to challenge the limits of technology while striving for;
  • The Leading Technology Company in Cambodia
  • The Highest Quality Service
  • Customisation Towards Customers Needs
  • Competitive Prices
  • Knowledge Expansion 


To harness our passion for information on technology to take on, and overcome the technical challenges to the future. We are going to do this by appraising ourselves, our service caring continuously and improving where necessary, working with honesty, respect, dedication and integrity, delivering quality results to our customers, business partners and shareholders.

Online store

Online store is an E-commerce Online Store which is the largest in Cambodia. Customers can find all kinds of different brands and IT products and accessories and order them directly on the website by logging into www.ptc-computer.com.kh

IT Solution

IT Solution is an intelligent, smart and efficient system to manage and over scope all kinds of business and institutions.