Razer Ifrit and Razer USB Audio Enhancer Bundle - FRML Packaging (RZ82-02300100-B3M1)

  • Product Name: Razer Ifrit In-ear Headset with USB Audio Enhancer
  • Model Number: RZ82-02300100-B3M1
  • Brand:









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  • Pro-Grade Adjustable Condenser Mic - The Razer flirt has its own adjustable condenser mic that reduces the pickup of background noise without the need to position it on a mic arm

  • Feature-Packed Discreet Design - Razer IL frit's slim frame and over-the-ear design makes it super discreet, keeping all focus on you during a broadcast

  • Ergonomic and Comfortable - With improved ergonomics that provide a natural fit for different face shapes, the headset fits so comfortably you won't even remember it's on

  • Two 3.5mm Combo Jacks - aver USB Audio Enhancer allows up to two 3.5 mm analog devices to be plugged in

  • Flat Frequency Response - With flat frequency response, you'll always know exactly how you sound like to your viewers